I write . . . SCREENPLAYS to apply all the skills I have learned from my novels, short stories, poetry and stage plays in the professionally demanding format of 100-120 pages focusing on visuals that stimulate the imaginations of the collaborative cinematic team and STAGE PLAYS  to use intense dialogue and minimal action directives to create vivid, credible characters that will motivate actors and directors to pull the audience into “living the moment” on stage.

Entertainment Attorney:  Wayne Keeley, [email protected] 


–All registered with the Writers Guild of America with one-pagers, character-cast rundowns and pdf scripts available on completed works.

All DRAMATIC ROMANCES evolving in a variety of eras and circumstances . . .  

Carnival Man Using his family history in the carny world, an undercover FBI agent helps a young woman solve her father’s murder and expose a counterfeiting operation using her carnival.  

Chaco A virile Hispanic nurse and a cynical California female doctor are irresistibly drawn together as they encounter tri-cultural trials in the struggle to build a medical clinic in the rural canyon country of northwestern New Mexico.

Eyes of the Cat An abnormally vengeful female cougar stalks numerous people in the Wyoming high country, including a honeymooning couple who discover love intensified by life-and-death threat.

Honor  and Consequences A prom gang rape destroys innocence but creates unimaginable strengths when a boy returns a trained Marine to empower the girl he loves.

Crossroads of Life and Death In 1946 a model-turned-reporter goes to China looking for a story but instead finds a passionate love affair with a covert agent destined to be the CIA’s first killed in the line of duty. (Based on a true story)

Paying the Piper The unique American bagpiping culture clashes with the underbelly of the biker world when a widowed piper and father of two risks his home by protecting and falling in love with an abused biker babe. 

Resolutions are for Fools A frustrated western wear executive brings home the one woman the family corporation needs, a PhD expert who is also too gorgeous for him to ignore.

Saving One Another A dying promise prompts an impulsive police officer to rescue a patient from an abortion clinic, triggering media attention and retaliation from her father, the city’s Catholic mayor. A crazed fanatic tied to an illegal baby market stalks the emotionally struggling couple. 

Shooting A world-renowned fashion model defies her grasping agent and encounters love when she takes responsibility for the cop disabled by her stalker’s bullet.  

Storm Maker In 1898 a Spanish American War vet and an unconventional nurse come together to join a Shoshoni holy man and prove an Idaho town used smallpox to kill his people for their valley.

Temperance  In 1875 West Texas, an enigmatic saloon owner and a strong-willed young woman find unlikely love as they join forces when accused of murdering her father, a New York banker-turned-fire-breathing-temperance leader.

The Gift Exchange An enigmatic stock broker/SCA enthusiast falls in love with the family-challenged computer whiz he hires to help him find who is manipulating accounts in the brokerage.

The Lonely Man In 1865 Colorado a Civil War-damaged teacher takes on a selfish town and finds how much a young woman and her abused family need him.

When Eagles Scream D.E.A. partners trail Colombian drug trafficking to a university’s anthropology department. Maintaining his cover, one agent marries, but then his partner must convince the tri-athlete bride not to attempt a rescue of her kidnapped groom, at least, not on her own.


Letting Go of Sacred Things With stubborn dignity, an Iowa woman moves into the apartment above a pool hall and must deal with assaults on her marriage and ultimate widowhood.

On a Cabin’s Eve While awaiting their trapper father’s return, three snowbound children fight off wolves in the Colorado mountains on Christmas Eve of 1880 then are visited by a cowboy named Gabriel.

Awaiting Revision – Romances

Cleansing Fires Two single parents fight attraction as they work with an arson investigator to prove their young sons did not deliberately fire a shack where a mother and child died.

Defying December Three lonely and dysfunctional singles take on a challenge to survive the holidays discovering love and purpose along the way.

High Country Empire (4-Part Mini-series) A scattered family reunites to save the dynastic ranch & businesses for their dying patriarch at the end of the 19th century.  (2-High Country Sky, 3-High Country Giving, 4-High Country Dreams)

Official Rules A wealthy baseball umpire joins forces with a female Episcopal priest to fight a sports gambling ring.

Santa’s Helper, or Not? An overworked clerk tries to counsel her sister while avoiding the obvious interest of a mall security guard who isn’t what he seems.   

Shattered Images When a stalker persists, an actress undergoes plastic surgery and assumes a new identity as a high school English teacher far from Hollywood, only to be discovered by a seductive investigative reporter.   

Tell Me Why When a despondent man stumbles upon a 100-yr-old tombstone with his name, he time travels finding his soul mate and the chance to “get it right.”

The Sappy Sentiment War A hard-nosed MBA inherits a gift shop and impulsively challenges the annoyingly exuberant card shop owner next door to a Valentine’s Day advertising campaign.

The Soldier Athlete An Army pentathlon competitor discovers his dreams of time travel and an intriguing woman are true.

Tory Running Late night runs bring a grieving artist to the attention of a repulsive stalker and a County Deputy who wants to know who is making 911 calls from her home.

Awaiting Revision – Family Fare

Ain’t No Freebies A cynical teacher is challenged to reclaim her professional enthusiasm by a gifted but abused student.

Moonlight Burning A burned-out doctor moves to a rustic farm intent on physical labor but uncovers the remains of a 150-year-old mental hospital and its “stuck” spirits who decide the world needs the caring man.


“A Matter or Conscience”  3-Act, 1970’s Midwest, One set, 4 Females, 5 Males

A young woman walks to her farm home, witnesses a drug-related murder on a nearby country road then hides from the perpetrators.  She is watched by the perps and their employer, her fiancé.  When the body is discovered and a State Patrol investigator is called in, she maintains her ignorance even as her habit of “white lies” unravels her life and destroys her nagging Conscience.    

“Brian’s Homecoming” One-Act, 1960’s NM Home, One set, 2 Females, 4 Males

After an Undesirable Discharge from the Air Force, a blundering young man seeks stability and solace in his parents’ home.  He is coddled by his mother and ineffective friends but called to accept responsibility for his actions by his disappointed father and a no-nonsense store owner.

“O Ye Jigs & Juleps” stage play adaptation of charming children’s book (authorized by copyright owner in 1988 then negated by her estate in 1995).

Awaiting Revision       

“The Census Taker” One-Act, a college girl commiserates with a lonely old woman about life’s twists and turns and choices vs. Fate.

“The Great Bookstore Robbery”  One-Act, a desperate street girl is accepted and protected by an aging woman and, in turn, she stands up to the woman’s domineering son-in-law.

“The Puzzle” One-Act, A young bride, an elderly matron, a Hell’s Angel, and a gay lover share the common agonies of an ICU waiting room and its time-consuming jigsaw puzzle.

“One Word Too Many” One-Act, An oblivious but determinedly manipulative couple attempt matchmaking for their unpleasant daughter.

“The Memory Game” 3-Act, A group of male and female soldiers far from home at Christmas play an emotional roller-coaster game that creates a surprising bond.


“When the White Horse Runs” 3-Act, a destitute and dysfunctional family moves to a dilapidated farm house discovering it’s already occupied by fantastical fun folk who only come out to play during the five days of the full moon cycle. (Considering as book for a Musical).