I write . . . POETRY to control the nuances of word sounds and imagery, saying the most with the least.  


The Living Circle: Poetic Commentaries on My Awareness of Life,  an eclectic collection varying from free verse to form and  divided into “My Awareness” sections on People, Places, Experiences, Our Scottish Heritage, Make-Believe, and The Sacred.

The Eternal Lesson, the Wait for Love, a 12-episode epic poem written in form telling the medieval fantasy love story of a witch’s fey handmaiden and a renowned knight mysteriously gifted with the the touch of healing.  (Awaiting illustration)  

2018 Featured Poem

The “foundation poem” or storyteller’s summary of a 12-episode romantic fantasy.

Eternal Lesson, the Wait for Love                  

Once upon a time, in a legend land,
a blood-dark warrior swung callused hand,
fire-eyed, focused on the quest.
Shamiran knew not of laughing lips
trained to shred bodies, seek tones
to gory triumph as cankered battle’s best.

The day the night, the night the day,
rose-hipped, luscious maid grew fey
mending, bending to time’s demand.
Keerhay knew not of laughing lips,
caught up in witch’s web, tired
by duty’s drudgery, wanting sired
babe from solid sinewed loins, gentle hand.

Both sword and rose dreamed free,
fought life’s lot for heart’s decree
waiting in the shadows of each breath.
Clock consequence joined laughing lips,
timeless tick, fate’s eternal meeting.
Eye to eye, heart to heart greeting,
sip of love’s crested rapture, little death.

                                 —- August ’95