I write . . . Nonfiction to clarify my thoughts, making commentaries on the world around me with the fundamental tenant of mirroring those life experiences that have changed my view of God’s world.  I simply propose my explanations.



This collection of commentaries looks back over Sally’s  lifetime of events and insights—great and small—that impacted her creativity in poetry, fiction, and dramatic scripting. Those insights evolved into 365 mini-essays of a motivational-inspirational journey that can challenge any writer to rethink their own creativity . . . one day at a time.

Learn Series coming throughout 2019 & 2020

Learn Screen Writing, From Start to Adaptation to Pro Advice

This unique textbook is THREE independent courses in one volume intended to focus a creative writer of any age on the fundamental skills of cinematic storytelling. It can be used by individuals, writing groups, or in the classroom. Each chapter in the three courses culminates in exercises that will challenge the learner to immediately apply succinct concepts. The student will discover how to evolve an idea into a properly formatted 100-page screenplay with actor-intensive dramatic characters spouting memorable dialogue as they live an enthralling plot the audience can vicariously experience. Two cinematic concepts weave throughout the three courses: reliance on visuals and the need to motivate film collaborators.

Learn Genre Film Secrets, From 11 Genres in 22 Films With 24 Concepts To In-depth Romance

In Part One readers will learn what Genre is, how each of 11 genres work then how film intensifies and satisfies aficionado expectations. They will discover all stories need Mystery . . . Science Fiction plays with possibility . . . Fantasy triggers imagination . . . Comedy lightens darkness . . . Juvenile stories teach . . . Horror’s nightmares can comfort . . . Romance connects . . . Western rebels want security . . . Historicals create relevance . . . Action–Adventure challenges . . . Inspirational stories stretch the spirit. Besides 24 advanced screenwriting concepts, the writer will learn to weave elements from one genre into the fundamental story of another genre, creating more powerful characters and plots that appeal to a broader movie-going audience.

In Part Two’s “Romantic Screenplays 101” readers will learn the difference between a romance and a love story and how romantic elements complicate a main plot or enhance a subplot. They will discover how to identify relationship stories without melodrama. Practice creating the pull-push of realistic emotions with dynamic characters living cinematic plots actors and producers want.



Since June 2010, Sally has posted a monthly column on the international Savvy Authors website, addressing various issues in the dramatic arts, offering commentary, giving advice and sharing her perspective on the views of  industry experts.  Her observations and practical suggestions are always based on what has proved out in her own experience.


Sally has written numerous articles for websites and magazines in her long career and the following are just a sampling.

“A Mentor for All Seasons,” Sally’s  internview of Lew Hunter, the iconic screenwriting guru, Chair Emeritus of the Film Department at UCLA, Program Director for NBC 1973-1977, author of 434 (a bible of screenwriting)  and a 1981 Emmy nominee for his MOW “Fallen Angel.”  He includes among his successful students Oscar-winning Alexander Payne. (Originally printed in MOVIESCOPE Magazine, Spring 2007, pp. 54-56). 

“The Man Who Makes the Whole From Pieces” Sally’s Interview of Film Editor Mike Hill who has worked on every Ron Howard film and won his first Oscar for “Apollo 13.”  (Printed  in MOVIESCOPE Magazine, Spring 2008, pp 60-62). Interview noted at on Mike Hill’s resume. 

“What Makes a Romantic Movie Script?” An article about the fundamental concepts of plot, character and the relationship arc that is the difference between a romance and a love story.  (Originally printed in SCREENTALK Magazxine, Premier Issue, Dec 1998, pp 36-37)

“Creating Unique Titillation” Sally’s explanation of how to use words, sentences, characters and scenes in romances that will create memorable experiences for the readers. 

“Blurbs Sell Books,” Sally’s explanation of how paragraph back-cover copy can be used as a marketing tool to the browsing reader, but, before that, in cover letters to agents and editors.  Ed. M. J Rose and Angela Adair-Hoy, How to Publish and Promote On-Line, Ed. M. J. Rose & Angela Adair-Hoy, (St. Martin’s: New York, 2001) pp. 93-98.  Available at Amazon & Barnes & Noble in print and e-book format.     


“You’re Welcome” The story of the patient who established Sally’s philosophy of nursing when she related to him per Matthew 25:40. (Journal of Christian Nursing, Fall 2006, p. 56).

“Understanding X-Ray Films” An explanation of the fundamentals of examining x-rays of the chest, abdomen, extremities, cervical spine and the skull, aimed at the emergency nurse who must make split-second decisions before a doctor’s examination and orders. (Journal of Emergency Nursing, Dec-Nov, 1983, pp 315-323).